Month: January 2015

ABTS-010: Oligopoly Is A Word

In this episode of ABTS, Doug, Matt, and Bren bring listeners up to speed on a few interesting topics in tech and gaming news as well as some random musings including bad sitcoms.

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TechCrunch 8th Annual Crunchies Voting closes TOMORROW the 27th!!!
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition is moving from Window Live platform to Steamworks You have until February 16, 2015!!!

-Bren is no longer unemployed and Matt is getting re-involved in an open source Glitch-style game.
-Matt breaks his promise and talk about Godus more.
Monument Valley made $5.8 million
-Microsoft needs to bring back the person responsible for Zune.
-Shitty sitcoms: Reba, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, According to JimThat 70’s Show (Doug likes it!), 3rd Rock from the Sun, My Name is Earl (Jason Lee), Yes Dear
-Worse Game of the Episode: Bulletstorm
-Matt is frustrated by a game without even playing it. Terrafirmacraft
The Onion’s World of World of Warcraft (Video)
Unfriended trailer
Nightmare Code (Matt’s in this movie!)
-We’ve concluded that our cell phone provider system in America is an OLIGOPOLY

Matt's an old testament God...

ABTS-009: Flushed Out Murder Devices

In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren reminisce about their favorite games of all time, as well as some of the more recent games that they were “tricked” into buying.

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Bren’s Top games:
1. Mass Effect Trilogy
2. Arkham City
3. Arkham Asylum
Doug’s Top 3 games:
1. Rez
2. Final Fantasy IX
3. The Legend of Dragoon

Honorable mentions:
Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II

The Legend of Dragoon ALL Cinematics (HQ remastered)
Rez Gameplay HD
-Overly abused trends: Post-apocalyptic settings and Zombies
Humble Bundle
Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer
Space Station Silicon Valley
-How Prince of Persia gave Bren Shingles
-How the power went out the first time Doug beat FFIX
Prelaunch Party

ABTS-008: We’ve Opened The Cat’s Nest

In this episode of ABTS, Doug is joined with Brendan and Matt as they collectively discuss an assortment of games they’ve been playing recently, share insight on the Interview controversy, and play the game I Was The Walrus.

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This episode is dedicated to the following fans: Yuskee1 and Charles Brontosaurus!

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-We muse about the game we plan on developing
Dragon Age: Inquisition is glitchy for PS3. Play Dragon Age: Origins instead
Dungeon Hunter 4 / Game Dev Story
The Interview / Team America: World Police  / Is It Possible The Sony Hack Was Just A Publicity Stunt?
Elon Musk / Tesla Autopilot car / SpaceX
Smart House / Herbie The Love Bug / Christine
Dungeons of Dredmor
-Matt continues to sing the praises of Godus

I Was The Walrus:

The I Was The Walrus theme song is brought to you by DJ CutmanCheck out his SoundCloud here!

Round 1: Jake the Dog vs. Fried Eggs
Round 2: Kodiak Bear vs. Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Gates in National Treasure
Round 3: Danny Trejo as Machete vs.

abts matt meme

ABTS-006: Escapist Anime

In this episode of ABTS, Doug and AJ talk about an assortment of anime as well as various other musings. Some of those being:

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Game of War
Sword Art OnlineLog Horizon / .hack//Sign / Elfen Lied / Eureka Seven
Eye Toy / Game Boy Printer
90s Television: Drew Carey Show / Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Bill Cosby Controversy: Is he guilty?
FFV, FFVI, and FFIX players can divide the party into two players
Kingdom Hearts rant (SPOILERS!!!)