ABTS-007: Filling the Void of Unemployment

In this episode of ABTS, listeners are introduced to Brendan McCullough and how he recently quit his job as well as a wide variety of topics. Those being:

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Binding of Isaac Rebirth / Ziggurat / Diablo II
Unity Game Engine
Warriors of Virtue
-Gadgets: LG G2
-Android > iOS
-Mobile games: Game Dev Story / Unmechanical / Puzzles & Dragons
Google Cardboard / The Hobbit VR Experience
Sword Art OnlineFullmetal AlchemistDragon Ball Z / DON’T WATCH OR READ NARUTO / Trigun / Cowboy BebopGurren Lagann / Gun X Sword / Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Chrono Crusade / Elfen Lied
Summer Wars / Howl’s Moving Castle / My Neighbor Totoro / The Wind Rises
Life As An NPC
-Other games: Unholy Heights / Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
-Graphic Novels: The Amory Wars (Coheed and Cambria) / Hactivist (Alyssa Milano)

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