In this episode of ABTS, Doug, Matt, and Bren discuss an odd assortment of topics including current games they are playing, soda, Atlanta Georgia, anime, and all the sponsors we don’t have.

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Games we’ve been playing:

Doug: Resident Evil HD
Matt: Smashy Road (Matt apologizes for calling it Smashy Car!)
Bren: Puzzle Forge 2

-Doug’s broken Droid Tubro and the replacement phone story
Matt fills us in on DirectX 12
Netflix predicts 4K re-releases of PS4 and Xbox One
HBO GO is now on Amazon Fire
-Matt gives a basic review of his not-so-basic new keyboard (DasKeyboard Ultimate)
-Bren brings up anime: Durarara season 2 / Kantai collection (Kancolle)FLCLDBZ (total episode count = 458 not even close to 1000)
One Up Gaming podcast ad/mention (Our ad comes on around 37:17 and the hosts talk about our podcast at around 38 minutes into the show)

List of this episode’s sponsors (we wish):



Mountain Dew (because you’re so acidic you can disintegrate an entire rat)
Mr. Pibb, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper (because you suck)
Target (because you don’t sell Birch Beer, and what Birch Beer you did have is sold out)


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