In this episode of ABTS, Doug interviews one of his past game design professors, Curvin Huber, who has now moved on to work for one of the top gaming schools in the country: Becker College. We also get around to playing 10 Questions!

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Midnight Terrors (trailer)
Curvin’s Portfolio
Autodesk puts SoftImage to bed
Becker College ranks in top 10 for best game design schools!
Becker College website

10 Questions Recap:

The 10 Questions theme song is brought to you by Rage Status! Check out his SoundCloud here!

Category: Animated Feature Film
10. Is it a Pixar movie? Yes
9. Did it have a hot air balloon? No
8. Did it feature cars? No
7. Did it take place in the ocean? No
6. Did it involve superheros? No
5. Was it released within the last 2 years? No
4. Did it revolve around toys? No
3. Did it feature bugs? No
2. Is the main character a little robot? Yes
1. Guess: WALL·E
Answer: WALL·E

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