In this episode of ABTS, Doug is joined with Bren and Matt and they all discuss April Fools day as well as some games they’ve been playing. More importantly, a rift in time occurs during what Bren says was one of the hardest games of IWTW.

Rate Almost Better Than Silence on iTunes if you get the chance!

Almost Better Than Dragons
Browser Mario 64 made in Unity
actually sucks (UPDATE: It actually got taken down by Nintendo, go figure!) is a cheesy April Fool’s joke (in spirit of elgoog)
Project Spartan, Cortana, Washington Redskins
It Came From Space and Ate Our Brains

Fun Facts:

35 minutes of material was omitted from the final cut of this episode. Some of this will be available as bonus content in the future.
If you can not connect to the internet using Google Chrome, hit the spacebar three times to unlock and infinite runner!
Type ‘do a barrel roll’ into Google
Type ‘Zerg Rush’ into Google (Not Zerg Swarm)

I Was The Walrus:

The I Was The Walrus theme song is brought to you by DJ CutmanCheck out his SoundCloud here!

Contestants: Doug vs. Matt
Category 0: Frankenstein’s monster is coming at you, what do you do?
Round 0: RIFT IN TIME (Matt and Doug both say “Jumpstart my car off of his neck bolts”)
Category 1: The Great Wall of China hasn’t been built yet, how do you keep the Mongolians from invading?
Round 1: Anubis from Zone of the Enders vs. Panda Express along the wall
Category 2: An alien race has just come down to Earth and they want something. It could be anything for any reason.
Round 2: Salvia vs. Microsoft Plus for Windows 95 on Floppy Disk (with an MP3 of the first episode of ABTD)
Category 3: You go into a zoo and you get to steal one animal, which one is it?
Round 3: A walrus vs. An otter

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