In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren interview El (aka Vector) one of the creators of a unique indie platforming game O-Inari Origami. We also discuss a lot of Final Fantasy as well!

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O-inari Origami (download and play for free!)
Ludum Dare
Bren does a playthrough of O-inari Origami! Check out the video here!

I Was The Walrus:

The I Was The Walrus theme song is brought to you by DJ CutmanCheck out his SoundCloud here!

Contestants: El vs. Doug
Category 1: An unconventional weapon.
Round 1: Memories vs. Endless pool of lava
Category 2: What spirit-animal are you and what are you made of?
Round 2: Hedgehog made of yellow vs. Metal Dolphin (capable of flying)
Category 3: What Final Fantasy character do you choose to fight on your behalf? Revised: Tag team match
Round 3: Quistis + Eiko vs. Sephiroth + Vivi


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