In this episode of ABTS, Doug, Bren, and Mark all discuss Assassin’s Creed movies, Mitsuwa, an anime called Pyscho Pass, as well as play a couple of games of DBZ themed 10 Questions!

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10 Questions Game 1 Recap:

The 10 Questions theme song is brought to you by Rage Status! Check out his SoundCloud here!

Category: A character in the Dragon Ball Z universe
10. Is he a character a Saiyan? No
9. Is he a Namek? No
8. Is it a human? No
7. Does this character fight young Goku? No
6. Is it an ally of the Z fighters? Yes
5. Is it shorter than Krillin? Yes
4. Guess: Is it Puar? YES
Answer: Puar

10 Questions Game 2 Recap:

Category: A villain in the Dragon Ball Z universe
10. Was this character around before Goku turned Super Saiyan? No
9. Is it the main villain of their arch? No
8. Once this character is dead, do you see them again later in the series? Yes
7. Is it a member of the Ginyu force? No
6. Were Goten and Young Trunks born by the time this character was out? Yes
5. Was this villain in a movie? No
4. Was this character on Babidi‘s ship? Yes/Maybe
3. Does the character have the letter M on their forehead? Yes
2. Guess: Is it Dabura? YES
Answer: Dabura

a few of doug's gems

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