In this episode of ABTS, Doug invites an old friend and long time gamer Bruce Stevenson to the show. We discuss how he’s been getting into fighting games a lot recently as well as┬áhis hobby of building computers!

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Elders React to Mortal Kombat Fatalities (video)
Test Your Might Forum
Microsoft is giving you the middle finger
Modok Combos (video)

10 Questions Recap:

The 10 Questions theme song is brought to you by Rage Status! Check out his SoundCloud here!

Category: A character in the Marvel Vs. Capcom games
10. Is it an animal ? No
9. Is it a man? Yes
8. Does this man wear armor? Yes
7. Is this character a villain? Yes
6. Guess: Doctor Doom? No
5. Guess: Sentinel? No
4. Guess: Zero? No
3. Guess: M.O.D.O.K.? Yes!
Answer: M.O.D.O.K.


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