In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren catch up on the games they’ve been playing lately as well as play a game of 10 Questions about the first generation of Pokémon! It’s another nerdy Monday.

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Bren got a counterfeit Pokémon Soul Silver
Latest news on Life Is Strange episode 4

Games we’ve been playing:

Bren: Garden, Sun and Moon, Life Is Strange
Doug: The Unfinished Swan

10 Questions Recap:

The 10 Questions theme song is brought to you by Anthony Benge (formerly Rage Status)! Check out his SoundCloud here!

Category: One of the first 150 Pokémon
10. Is it a legendary Pokémon? No
9. Is it a starter form? No
8. Is it a water type? Yes
7. Is it a form of Squirtle? No
6. Does it have a second type to it? No
5. Guess: Laprus
4. Does Misty have this Pokémon? No
3. Guess: Vaporeon
Answer: Vaporeon


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