In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren are joined by returning guest Bruce and even Mark hops on the call at some point. We catch up with Bruce and talk about the latest tournaments he’s attended, the fact that he got married not long ago, and we even exchange MMO wedding stories.

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Games we’ve been playing:

Bren: Armello
Bruce: Heroes of the Storm, Mortal Kombat X
Doug: Axiom Verge
Mark: Elder Scrolls Online

Games on the horizon:

RIOT – Civil Unrest

Internet video mentioned:

I Was The Walrus:

The I Was The Walrus theme song is brought to you by DJ CutmanCheck out his SoundCloud here!

Contestants: Bruce vs. Mark
If you could take any character from one universe and put them in another, who and where?
Round 1: The God Zeus in Magic Mike XXL vs. Stanley Yelnats in the movie Interstellar
Give me a click bait title for this episode.
Round 2: Stripper Zeus Causes A Riot vs. 10 Reasons Why Listening to Podcasts Can Lower Your Risk of Cancer
Where in the world was Carmen Sandiego this whole time? Better back story wins.
Round 3: After completing the Italian job, Carmen was driven off a bridge when two of her fellow thieves tried to take all of the gold and the vaseline. As she swam downward away from the machine gun fire, she found an underwater cave where the seven sages were congregating. After enticing them with her soaking wet body she was able to open up a portal to ??? where some say she reigns as dark princess to this day vs. Nobody has any idea what the fuck Mark is talking about.

Contestants: Bren vs. Doug
You have to pick a  new spice for the upcoming fall season.
Round 1: Scary Spice vs. Wasabi
You’re naked in school again and you have to explain to the teacher why or you go to jail.
Round 2: So claustrophobic that the mere thought of clothes restricting me would put me in a panicked state vs. Because you told me today was No Clothes Day
Pitch a new adult swim show?
Round 3: Penguin the Giraffe vs. Soggy Bro (A crime-fighting gymnast that’s a wet towel)

mmo wedding

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