In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren interview comedian Jon Gabrus of the High & Mighty podcast, who you may know from MTV2’s Guy Code, or his numerous appearances on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast as Gino Lambardo!

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Gabrus Twitter
High & Mighty Podcast

I Was The Walrus:

The I Was The Walrus theme song is brought to you by DJ CutmanCheck out his SoundCloud here!

Contestants: Bren vs. Gabrus
Category 1: If you could have a convenient machine serve anything, what would it be?
Round 1: Machine that injects cheesecake into your bloodstream vs. A variety sandwich machine
Category 2: If gravity were reversed, what would be your best method of staying on Earth?
Round 2: Spiderman around with box turtles vs. Monkey bars
Category 3: What is the most unlikely thing to find at the bottom of the ocean?
Round 3: Yourself vs. An above ground pool


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