In this episode of ABTS, Doug, Bren, and Mark discuss how Stephen Hawking issued a warning to people searching for extraterrestrial life, the games and anime they’ve been enjoying, as well as play I Was The Walrus!

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Games We’ve Been Playing:

Doug: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I Was The Walrus:

The I Was The Walrus theme song is brought to you by DJ CutmanCheck out his SoundCloud here!

Contestants: Bren vs. Mark
Category 1: What is ‘Suspiciously Delicious’ about your cereal?
Round 1: People vs. 1 inch cans of earlobes
Category 2: What is the weirdest workout you can imagine seeing?
Round 2: Pushmills (pushups on a treadmill) vs. Rolling Butt-clenches (you don’t want to know)
Category 3: What is your presidential campaign slogan?
Round 3: Y’all Fucked Up vs. 5 ft deep and 5 ft wide, dig em up on dig it


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