In this episode of ABTS, Doug and AJ continue to look back on the absurd things that were said during our conversation game I Was The Walrus! This episode features Jon Gabrus of the High & Mighty podcast, plus we learn why birdwatching is now illegal, as well as some of our host’s signature sex moves!

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Episode: ABTS-128: Sense of Nonsensicalness

Contestants: Bren vs. Matt
Category 1: What is the next Sci-Fi franchise starting with Star ____?
Round 1: Star Jammers vs. Star Search
Category 2: Imagine you are a planet, what is your terrain made out of and what is the most populous creature that lives on you?
Round 2: Giant fleshy ball of skin with self doubt creatures vs. Spacecrest in habited by Ryan Spacecrest?
Category 3: Name a galaxy. Instead of the Milky Way, what is yours?
Round 3: The Horse Butt Nebula vs. The View

Episode: ABTS-129: Jon Gabrus Interview

Contestants: Bren vs. Gabrus
Category 1: If you could have a convenient machine serve anything, what would it be?
Round 1: Machine that injects cheesecake into your bloodstream vs. A variety sandwich machine
Category 2: If gravity were reversed, what would be your best method of staying on Earth?
Round 2: Spiderman around with box turtles vs. Monkey bars
Category 3: What is the most unlikely thing to find at the bottom of the ocean?
Round 3: Yourself vs. An above ground pool

Episode: ABTS-131: Noun Haze

Contestants: Bren vs. Mark
Category 1: What is the name of your strain of weed?
Round 1: Denmark Junglediddle vs. Stinky Tupperware
Category 2: Birdwatching is now illegal. What is the new hobby?
Round 2: Bear-tickling vs. Bark-tasting

Episode: ABTS-134: Drunk In Game

Contestants: Bren vs. Doug
Category 1: Come up with a name that’s a combination of two names. Funniest one wins!
Round 1: Jameeliam vs. Fergelica
Category 2: How would you post bail using only Omegle?
Round 2: Hope for a mutual jerk off session vs. Make a face out of my ass using my dick as a nose
Category 3: What is the next big MMO game?
Round 3: A game in prison where you have to post bail using Chat Roulette vs. Find That Person!

Episode: ABTS-135: Chaos And Tears

Contestants: Bren vs. Mark
Category 1: You are making the next psychological thriller game. What is the Shyamalan twist?
Round 1: You are in Mark’s brain vs. You are entertainment for rich people
Category 2: What is your signature sex move?
Round 2: The Stanky Taun Taun vs. Friday Night Lights
Category 3: What is the name of your one hit wonder?
Round 3: Dat Dang Ol’ Pussy Stank vs. Don’t Leave Tonight


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