Month: December 2016

ABTS-149: Best of IWTW Vol. VI

In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren continue to clog your feed with reflections of the past year’s conversation game I Was The Walrus! We revisit the Attack stopping by to play a few games, as well as hear one of Mark’s categories getting rejected!

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Episode: ABTS-090: Nailed By A Meteor

Contestants: AJ vs. Bren
Category 1: Who do you wish you could run for president?
Round 1: Steve Urkel vs. Flint Lockwood
BS Category: Why is Kazaam your favorite movie?
BS Round: He needs a fake name vs. The movie come to an end
Category 2: What do you wish could rain from the sky?
Round 2:  Christina Applegate vs. Dildos

Episode: ABTS-092: Catching Up With Bruce

Contestants: Bruce vs. Bren
Category 2: If you could name a new NFL team, what is their name and the symbol on the helmet?
Round 2:  Arizona ’69ers vs. Arizona Dickbutts

Episode: ABTS-093: The Attack Takes Over

Contestants: Alex vs. Yaniv
Category 1: What class do you wish they taught in high school?
Round 1: How to hide your penis class in gym class vs. Hiking
Category 2: If you could own a restaurant what is the name and the famous dish?
Round 2:  McDonald’s Shits vs. Mostly C???

Contestants: Evanne vs. Yaniv
Category 1: If your dick was made of glass, how would you smash it?
Round 1: All my girlfriends faces vs. Alex’s face revised to a finishing wrestling move
Category 2: If you could go big game hunting throughout all of fiction, what would you want stuffed and mounted on your wall?
Round 2: Orc from LOTR vs. Scar from The Lion King
Category 3: What do you wish the human body could expel?
Round 3: Stuffed animals vs. Nickelodeon Slime

Contestants: Evanne vs. Alex
Bonus Category:
 It turns out your toilet is a portal, where does it lead?
Bonus Round: Johto (Pokemon world) vs. Shit factory

Episode: ABTS-095: Blindly Groping

Contestants: Doug vs. Mark
Category 1: What is the seventh sense?
Round 1: Feeling aliens vs. Dreaming of people who have not been born


ABTS-148: This Rookie Isn’t A Rookie

In this episode of ABTS, Doug and AJ discuss Final Fantasy XV in depth, as well as how Doug is back into Rocket League and tried a really cool game called Aragami! They also get a chance to play a Final Fantasy oriented game of 10 Questions!

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Games We’ve Been Playing:

Doug: Aragami, Rocket League
AJ: Final Fantasy XV

10 Questions Recap:

The 10 Questions theme song is brought to you by Anthony BengeCheck out his SoundCloud here!

Category: A summon from Final Fantasy 7, 8, or 9
10. Is it elemental? No
9. Is it an animal? No
8. Is it a form of transportation? No
7. Is it humanoid? Yes
6. Is it a mythological humanoid creature? Yes
5. Can it cause instant death? No
4. Is it from Final Fantasy 8? Yes
3. Guess: Siren? Yes!
Answer: Siren from Final Fantasy 8


ABTS-147: Best of IWTW Vol. V

In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren reflect on the best I Was The Walrus moments of the past year by adding some commentary. Please enjoy some of our best goofs over the course of December!

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Episode: ABTS-078: The New Year’s Spectacular

Contestants: Mark vs. Doug
Category: You are building a video game and it’s an FPS like Doom. What is the most horrifying monster you can come up with?
Round 1: A creature that knows who you love most and takes all of your insecurities and projects them at you, some crazy emo shit hahahah vs. The most flexible woman
Category: Like a State Farm commercial you can summon anyone you want, who is it? Bonus points for jingle.
Round 2: Some guy from Walmart holding raw meat? vs. Your Drug Dealer (Jingle: Like a good dealer, bring me dank nugs!)

Episode: ABTS-084: Video Game Withdrawal

Contestants: Mark vs. Bren
Category: What is the symbol on your chest and what does it represent (you as a superhero)?
Round 1: Tesseract for Ayayka vs. Bag for Bagman

Episode: ABTS-086: HDMI Cables As Belts

Contestants: Matt vs. Bren
Category 1: What TV show cast would you want to save you from being kidnapped?
Round 1: The Secret Life of Alex Mack vs. The Surreal Life
Category 2: You are able to create a legendary artifact with powers. What is the name, item, and power?
Round 2: Steal Gloves vs. Powerglove of Revengeance
Category 3: What is the name of your murder mystery novel?
Round 3:  Nabrok She Wrote vs. Buzzfeed Spree