ABTS-198: The Ginyu Force Invented Dabbing

In this episode of ABTS, Doug and Bren are joined by returning guests and network friends Cory and Amanda from One Track Gamers! They all discuss the games they’ve been plaing, derail the show with a Batman tangent, give a listener some much needed advice, as well as play some Game Or No Game!

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One Track Gamers (@OneTrackGamers)

Games We’ve Been Playing:

Doug: Infamous Second Son
Bren: Divinity Original Sin 2
Cory: Cuphead
Amanda: Fire Emblem, Devil May Cry

Game Or No Game

The Game Or No Game theme song is brought to you by Anthony Benge! Check out his SoundCloud here!

Ballz: The Director’s Cut – Game
Viking Island – No Game
Touch My Spinner – Game
The Adventures of Mighty Max – Game
You Don’t Exist – Game
Where’s Waldo: The Fantastic Journey – Game
The Floor Is Jelly – Game
Interactive Rabbit Simulator – No Game
Firefighters: Airport Fire Department – Game
Major Funk Hunter – No Game
Scottish Baking Fiasco – No Game

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